Recover Lexar 4GB SDHC Card

Lexar is a well- known brand which manufactures different types of SDHC card. Lexar 4GB SDHC is the most popular memory card which is used in handheld devices like mobile, iPod, MP3 player and many more. It is a safe and secure medium for storing data but sometimes it has been noticed that data is lost from Lexar 4 GB SDHC card under various circumstances. Are you one of those who have lost their data from Lexar 4GB SDHC card? Do not worry, you have arrived at absolutely right place, here you will learn how to retrieve Lexar 4GB SDHC card data in just a fraction of seconds. So, if your important files have been deleted or lost from Lexar 4GB SDHC card, then Lexar Photo Recovery is the most suitable and reliable software, which can effectively restore data from Lexar 4GB SDHC card in just a couple of seconds.

Generally, data from Lexar SDHC is lost due to accidental formatting. You might accidentally format your SDHC card either on mobile phone or computer, which results in loss of all the files that are saved in your Lexar SDHC card. In this case, you can recover Lexar 4GB SDHC card after accidental format by using Lexar photo recovery tool.

As we know that Lexar card is used in various handheld devices, like camera, mobile. If you wish to transfer data from Lexar card to computer or vice versa then chances are very high that due to interruption in transfer process data might be lost from Lexar memory card. This page will provide you detailed information regarding memory card data recovery with ease. Visit here to know how:

Another reason where your data is lost from Lexar SDHC card is virus attack once your card is under the effect of virus or other malware, all your stored data becomes inaccessible. After this event, you will not be able to access data stored on SDHC card. When you use this card on a system which is running a trusted antivirus then chances are that it can delete the virus infected files from your Lexar SDHC card. This situation becomes more terrible in case your Lexar 4GB SDHC data was not backed up. Now the only solution to this problem is to make use of Lexar Photo Recovery tool which is very much capable to perform Lexar 4GB SDHC card recovery in just a fraction of seconds. Also, this software can restore data from SD card, CF card, xD card, etc. To know more about SD card recovery, visit here on this page:

Improper handling is another reason which leads to data loss from your Lexar SDHC memory card. Whatsoever be the reason behind the loss of data from your Lexar 4GB SDHC card you can easily recover Lexar 4GB SDHC card data with the help of our Lexar photo recovery tool. This effective software is specially designed to restore data from Lexar 4GB SDHC card that too at your fingertips. Moreover, if you wish to know how this tool recovers images from computer, then follow the given link:

This tool has the ability to recover lost or deleted data from Lexar memory card with the help of its strong and robust algorithm in just a fraction of seconds. With the help of this wonderful too you can recover photos from corrupted hard drive without any hassle. You can recover all types of data with the help of this tool including image, audio and video. This software supports Lexar 4GB SDHC card recovery on all WIndows OS versions. However, you can also recover photos on Mac with the help of this tool. After the recovery process is over you can see the preview of the recovered data prior to restoring it. This tool is not only capable to recover deleted pictures but you can also recover missing photos with the help of this tool.

Steps to retrieve Lexar 4GB SDHC card data

Step 1: Download demo version of the tool and install on your computer. After launching the software, select "Recover Photos" to recover Lexar 4gb SDHC card data from the main screen as shown in the figure 1.

;Lexar 4GB SDHC Card Recovery - Home Screen

Figure 1: Home Screen

Step 2: From next screen, select "Recover Deleted Photos" or "Recover Lost Photos" from the listed option based on your scenario as shown in the figure 2.

Lexar 4GB SDHC Card Recovery - Select Recovery Option

Figure 2: Select Recovery Option

Step 3: After scanning, the tool will display all the logical drives associated with this computer. Select Lexar SDHC card from this screen as shown in figure 3.

Lexar 4GB SDHC Card Recovery - Select Lexar SDHC Card

Figure 3: Select Lexar SDHC Card

Step 4: Once the recovery process is over, you can easily see the preview of recovered images as shown in figure 4.

Lexar 4GB SDHC Card Recovery - Preview Restored Pictures

Figure 4: Preview Restored Data

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
Mavericks and Yosemite(10.10) Users